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Videos For Zelda Fans

For some reason I have been having a few issues finding anything decent to write about as of late for you guys. But don’t fret, not that you would, I have a couple of videos that I stumbled on that you might find of interest.

This first on is a scene from Resident Evil 4 where instead of Leon, there is a Link skin instead. Still not sure how it happened or if it is just someone’s really good video editing skills to do this, but it is completely amazing.

This next one is kind of of interest and a little bit of news. Apparently, someone has created a iPhone app that allows for you to play it like and Ocarina. In fact it sounds perfect and looks like it isn’t all that difficult to use. The only thing I would say needs to be worked on is the GUI. You know like actually make an Ocarina on the screen instead of just the basic blue. But at least there is a site dedicated to teaching you how to use it.

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