Let Us Break Down Paragon’s New Character Greystone

Paragon — Greystone Overview

The new character for Paragon has been added to the list now let’s have a look at Greystone from Paragon in a little more detail

Earlier on we had word on the new character coming to Paragon with the most recent update to the game. That would be an update that Epic Games pushed out to the PS4 and PC versions of the game yesterday for those wonder. His name is Greystone and he brings a bit of a new way to go about matches for Paragon on both sides of the coin. We had a quick and easy breakdown for him before but that all ends as we have yet another closer and better look at the character. Although it would be better to just look at him in action if you have access to the game.

For those hold outs or those waiting for Paragon to finally go free to play, here’s a good breakdown of how Greystone will work in the game. As we thought and mentioned before he is a bit of a tank of sorts or at least a close range melee character. All of his moves are geared towards clearing out minion units quickly and getting in close for a fight. Add in his ability to respawn after death it makes him one of the more perfect rushing style of characters out there. At least that is all based on my experience with Paragon so far and now it is time to check out Greystone on my own.

If you are not as lucky as me to be able to spin up Paragon right now, then you can have a nice little look at the character in action here and then sit back and wait for the whole game to go free to play. Hopefully Epic Games has that aimed for a lot sooner than later as the roster is going to get huge before; as if it isn’t already.

Paragon — Greystone Overview

Does this change your thoughts on Greystone for Paragon at all? Does it change your thoughts on the game in general and make you want to pick it up right now? Where do you think the team will go next with their characters as we press on? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Paragon be sure to stay right here on the site so you don’t miss out on a single thing. There is still much more to come.

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