LBP: The Pre-order

All The Details On LBP Pre-order

So they finally released all of the data on the cool little bonuses on the LBP pre-order special items and such. I reported before on the first two, Kratos and a Strategy Guide. Game Stop and Amazon respectfully. But here are the other three to help you choose where you are gunna shell out the 5 buck pre-order fee.

GameCrazy: If you are interested in the cool little LBP burlap sack with the Sackboy printed on it, then go there for that. The sack is big enough to store the BD case in so it isn’t too large, but it is a cool little extra. All made from organic or natural materials to boot.

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Circuit City: If ya wanted that nifty little sticker book for the game, then this is where to spend that 5-spot for your pre-order. It is how it sounds, a book full of stickers you can place where ever you want in the real world. Not any in-game content, but kind of cool little way to rep. a game you are more than likely to fall in love with soon. (Explained Below)

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Best Buy: Now for the other one I’m sure was the main foam at the mouth for. The Nariko SackGirl outfit. That’s right, Best Buy got the other one that was all in-game content. Just like Kratos, you will be able to download the outfit in parts once you buy the game on launch date. Weapons included. So now, I’m debating on shelling out a fiver or hooking up a friend with the game just to have a reason to pre-order at Best Buy as well as Game stop.

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On yet another note, there are also rumors going about that there will be a demo or beta of the game due out sometime this month for PSN users. I have no details on how you will see it or get it, but just reports that this is most likely the case in the coming weeks. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for ya. But it will most likely be on one of the Thursday updates in the next 2 weeks or so.

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