King’s Quest 4th Episode Is Here To Show There’s Snow Place Like Home

King's Quest — Snow Place Like Home

The release date for the fourth episode of King’s Quest has a date now and it looks like we have a reason for King’s Quest’s long delay between episodes

Well holy hells, it looks like King’s Quest didn’t go dead in the water after the last episode as we now have a release date for the fourth episode now and it is September 27th. Just next week we’ll get to continue The Odd Gentlemen‘s take on the franchise as we’ve all been waiting for this since April. That is one hell of a gap for King’s Quest and I know I don’t fully remember everything that happened before and I’m not talking about the original Sierra titles either. I’m talking about all of these new episodes that have been rather enjoyable.

Now that we know when the next episode for King’s Quest is going to land, just what can we expect? As it looks, we are getting another huge leap of time in the overall story as King Graham and Queen Valanice have had a child, it has been kidnapped, and Graham has spent the last eighteen years searching for his son. All just for him to mysteriously show up on their doorstep. I would cry that there is a plot afoot here and that isn’t his kid but we’ll find out a bit more in just under a week now. Thankfully.

I know I have been wondering why it has taken The Odd Gentlemen so long to pump out this new episode of King’s Quest and outside of it getting a release date now, we also get kind of an excuse mixed in. At least I’ll take it as excuse because along with the new episode we have word that the next episode and an epilogue episode will also be out before the end of the year here. Mathematically to hit that goal that is only a month and a half between each release so we’ll have a whole lot of King’s Quest as we wrap up the year and the first season of content. Happy days indeed.

King’s Quest is approaching its final chapters, but there are still plenty of adventures, surprises and puns to be had,” said Matt Korba, president and creative director of The Odd Gentlemen. “Today we are incredibly excited to announce that players will be able to experience the last two chapters and bonus epilogue of King Graham’s journey before the holidays.”

King’s Quest – Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home opens on the fateful night when King Graham and Queen Valanice’s infant child Alexander was stolen from them. When Alexander mysteriously returns home 18 years later, however, Graham must decide how to reconnect with the boy he’s spent a lifetime searching for. And as father and son work together to solve the towering challenges of the puzzling Ice Palace, questions linger about just what happened all those years ago.

Have you been wondering about the fourth episode of King’s Quest as I have and are now glad to see there be a date? Do you think that they will be able to keep their schedule and pump out the other two episodes as promised? What do you think will be the big twist here in the story? Let us know your thoughts, concerns, and all that jazz down in the comments. For more on King’s Quest as it comes, be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep the news flowing as we can.

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