It’s Time To Return To Willamette In Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 — Return To Willamette

A new behind the scenes video for Dead Rising 4 has been released and it shows off just how Dead Rising 4 is going back to the franchise’s roots

If you were looking for more for Dead Rising 4 than the little bit of a tease we had at E3 then you don’t need to look much further than here. That is if you missed out on the SDCC panel that was held were Capcom showed off a bit more of the game. Not on a bit more but more on the behind the scenes of Dead Rising 4 where some of the new mechanics, locations, and zombies were shown off to the fans in attendance. Of course it only took a little bit of time before we all have access to see what is new for the game and here it is just for us as we wait until December 6th when the game officially launches on the PC and Xbox One. Hopefully the PS4 isn’t too far behind that.

Of course we all know that Frank West is back for Dead Rising 4 as fans have hoped for since the debut of the franchise. He’s back and also back in Willamette as the town is getting ready for Christmas. Now we get another fun commentary on consumerism with zombies and of course the fun of all the weapon and gear combinations that come with it all. It wouldn’t be a Dead Rising game without all of that fun now would it? Of course it wouldn’t and we are going to take it all and like it. Especially with all of the selfies we will be able to take as we dig into another great mystery in the game’s world.

It also looks like we have a few new types of zombies that we are going to have to deal with in Dead Rising 4 on top of the normal fare. We do have the normal roamers that we know and love but it also looks like we have some fast and aggressive zombies mixed in no. On top of that we also have a third type that is a form of smart zombie as it is a survivor whom was recently bitten and retains some of their basic survival knowledge. These will be able to run, hide, use cover, and other kinds of tactics. As it if we needed more to worry about in Dead Rising 4 besides the mass amounts of zombies and deadly humans already.

Dead Rising 4 — Return To Willamette

What are your thoughts on the new zombies for Dead Rising 4 that we are going to be getting here? Do you think it is a bit of overkill to add them all in or will it be something that we all grow to love in the franchise? Were you one of the hopefuls for Frank West to come back or did you want to have another new character running around? Let us know and discuss it all in the comments below. For more on Dead Rising 4 as it all comes stay right here as we’ll keep bringing the updated news to you. You won’t want to miss a single thing.

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