It’s Time To Make Money And Run Guns In Mafia 3

Mafia 3 — Making Money

Two new videos for Mafia 3 have popped up and they both show off the aspects of Mafia 3 we are all concerned about; making money and weaponry

We almost went a whole week without a solid Mafia 3 update now didn’t we? Yes 2K Games announced that new mobile game earlier in the week but I’m talking about an update for the Hangar 13 version of the game that will have us all buried in our systems trying to run everything in New Bordeaux. Both come out on October 7th but we are here right now to have a look at not one but two new updates for Mafia 3 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Both about two of the big things we’re all going to be concerned with; the guns and the money. Both bread the power…

First up we have another inside look for Mafia 3 that shows off just how we will be making money. For the most part it is just as you would assume. You kill some bad guys and/or take down their hide out and you get to loot what you can find. The interesting twist here is that Lincoln keeps all of that cash in his personal wallet until he heads back to his hide out to take it out of his magic wallet. That or he can call in a special car run to drop off. Both useful as if you die here, you lose your money and no one wants that. So it’s like having a save point for just your funds in the game.

It also looks like Hangar 13 has also opted to give us more moral and money making avenues in Mafia 3 as we don’t have to kill all of the racket bosses to earn funds. In fact, we can hire them on and have them become a cash cow of our own. I’m guessing that they will take no dying as payment to kick up the funds they have been earning for you. Fear is a great tactic here and now it looks like it will bring us more money in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 — Making Money

Of course money doesn’t mean much if you don’t have something to spend it on. I’m sure there will be plenty of things to buy in Mafia 3 but of course the big ticket items will be the weapons in the game. That is where the second video update we have here comes in. It’s the next “tape” in the series and this one shows just where Lincoln gets all of the wonderful toys and how he has become the master of them. It even includes other reasons for the lieutenants to be mixed into it all as they are the ones that keep Lincoln knee deep in ammo, blades, and explosives. At least that is the take from this video.

Mafia 3 — Weapons

Does any of this shock you for Mafia 3 or does it all sound about right? Are you curious as to how Lincoln is able to run around with possibly thousands of dollars in his back pocket? Do you think this means there will be a subplot where one of the cash handlers starts to skim off the top? Let us know your thoughts and discuss in the comments below. For more on Mafia 3 as we get it from 2K Games, be sure to stick right here. The updates will be flowing like the blood of the mob here soon.

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