Interweb PWNage And Rumor Debunk

Real MGS4 Headset

So much like the guys at Kotaku and a few other sites, I saw this and thought it was a really good joke someone on the net came up with. I mean look at it and you can totally see how it looks like a good Photoshop job. At least until it was featured in catalogues and has a real release date for the US and Europe. Pretty fucking cool looking thing. I’ve been looking to get a new headset and it looks like I can get a cool one if I manage to wait it out.

So the image above actually shows the basic stats on the item, but it lacks a few things that are easy to read (they are buried in the text). Here they are. It has 8 hours of battery use. 30′ range of use. Auto-shut-off. And a carrying case that is shown there. All of this on the same day the game drops, June 12th. Now if only it made you a bad ass like Snake or gave you awesome missions. There’s a great feature it should have.

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