Ikkitousen: Elequent Fist Flashes Us With A Trailer and New Screenshots

As the title states, Marvelous has released new screenshots and a nice trailer to go along with them of the upcoming PSP game Ikkitousen: EF. EF stands for Eloquent Fist, which is actually a clever twist on words on Ero-quent.  Ero = erotic or in the Japanese video game scene, Eroge.  And Ero-Quent is a very accurate statement in describing this game.  The trailer entitled “Blast Milk Promotional Video”, should clue you in to this trailer definitely being NSFW.  And NSFW it is, as in tune with the show is an abundance of bouncing breasts, panty shots and torn up clothes.  The trailer reveals as much of the girls, if not more, than the actual gameplay and story behind the game, but does manage to profile the characters one can expect to find within the game.  So enjoy the new images and trailer (Below screenshots), but before you press play on said trailer, I suggest you take heed of the NSFW warning.

Images courtesy of Dengeki.




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