Ikkitousen EF Limited Edition Figure Revealed!

Thanks to a Kotaku story, I found out Marvelous has finally announced and revealed the actual figure to be included in the Ikkitousen EF Limited Edition set for the Sony PSP.  As noted prior, it features the mother-daughter team of Hakafu and Goei.  The figure set is actually a pun referring to “Oyako donburi”, which means “parent and child donburi” which is a dish made of Rice, Egg and Chicken.  But as interesting as that is, we all know everyone is more interested in the figure itself.  So here is some images of said figure:




Now we know the OBVIOUS joke of “2 Girls 1 cup” here, but it has already been used a few times over on other sites, so we will leave it be.  But not only were images of the figure released, we have a bunch of new screenshots (Some NSFW) courtesy of Famitsu (For more images, follow link).

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