IGN Rubs In The PWNage

Zelda on the Big Screen

Wow, and I thought I had no life. But here’s a fun fact about that April Fools Zelda Trailer; they spent almost a year for set up. Yes! You read that right. And what’s more, here they go and show you the behind the scenes of it all. It’s longer than the actual “Trailer” they made. I hope they are happy with the waste of money and time just to prank the game community, most of whom knew it was a fake from the first watching of it. Congrats.

Can you sense a bit of “rage” there? Well that all stems back to the feeling I get when people have a good idea and then don’t follow through or just follow through as a joke. I mean when you watch this video, even the crew thinks the “trailer” is kind of a funny thing to do. Did they really need to hire on a black smith to play a joke. *sigh* I’ll stop ranting now. The behind the scenes thing is below.



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