IdolM@ster Makes Jump From 360 To PSP In Japan

Namco Bandai announced last week that their hit game series IdolM@ster will be released for the Sony PSP this winter in Japan, as not 1 title, but 3 seperate titles.  For those not familiar with the IdolM@ster series, the game is a virtual simulator where you create your very own Japanese Music Idol.  You handle their schedule, costumes, song choices, and happiness/stress levels, to create the #1 Idol.  The series has been a huge hit in arcades and one of the biggest hits on the Xbox 360 in Japan.

Information on the PSP releases has been minimal, but we do know there will be 3 titles with each feature it’s own group of Idols to manage with 3 members each. The first game is “Perfect Sun” consisting of Haruka Amami, Makoto Kikuchi, and Yayoi Takatsuki.  The second game is “Missing Moon” made up of Yukiho Hagiwara, Iori Minase, and Ami & Mami Futami. Finally, the third game entitled “Wandering Star” is comprised of Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki.

No release dates have been announced as of yet, but expect Namco Bandai to announce those within the next couple months. We will keep you up to date as more information is released.

Screenshots Courtesy of Dengeki:

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