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I wanted to point out that I KILL PXLS has released his latest work and if you like music and video games you can’t go wrong with this. It is fresh and hip and if I tell you to like it you will enjoy it. Margues put some awesome effort into this and I asked him to make a song for PWNED.com. Not sure when we will have it but I hope he will give us a chance and sing a tune for us.


After a whole lot of pixelated blood, sweat, and tears,
the first I KILL PXLS album is done and out. As promised, I’ve decided
to release it upon the internet masses for free and you can download it
now at the new official site WWW. IKILLPXLS. COM. It’s being hosted at a few different sources so hopefully you won’t have any trouble getting it but let me know if you do.

At the new website, you’ll also find pages with download links for the other releases (“Your Arcade is a Dance Floor” & “LOST LVLS”)
as well as all of the remixes I’ve done so far. Pretty soon I’ll have a
page up for everything else like wallpaper, photos, and lyrics too.

also a donate button on the front page if you want to contribute but
don’t feel obligated to. Most importantly I wanted to get the music out
there and that’s why it’s up for free.

Thanks to everyone at
DESTRUCTOID for all your support and feedback and shiz. I really
appreciate it. Now go download the album and enjoy!

Also, Dance BITCHES!

Track list:
1. Mega Love Gun
2. Princess P
3. Your Last Life
4. 3D Lover
5. Mid-Boss
6. My Final Fantasy
7. Blocks in the Sky
8. These Streets of Rage
10. Continue?
11. Destructoid Theme



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