Hopefully Uwe Boll Doesn’t Touch It

Metal Gear

Metal Gear Movie

Like the title says, lets try to keep it hush hush from him. We don’t need him taking this and turning out crap with it. So far he doesn’t score to well with Game movies. But that is not the point of this little snippet of information. It is to talk about a movie that could be pretty fucking cool.

So far it has been just a big bag of rumor, but it looks like the rumor might become total truth. Columbia Pictures looks to actually go through with this whole thing. On top of that, Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium) is penning the script, as far as reports have stated. Good signs so far, seeing that there is a few things that make it seem less than rumor now. If all goes as rumored or planned, however you want to look at it, they will most likely start working on this after Metal Gear Solid 4 is launched.

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