Hold The Door We Have Some New For Honor Gameplay

For Honor — Women Knight

New highlights of the For Honor gameplay seen out at E3 have popped up online and we get to see how For Honor’s combat system works

As always happens at events like E3 it looks like some extra gameplay for For Honor fell through the cracks and was missed out on. I know I was too busy looking at all of the other titles Ubisoft had on hand and missed out myself. Which is sad because it looks like some of For Honor‘s combat was shown off in quite a bit of detail and I missed out on all of it. Of course this might have meant I had to wait until February 14th to see it in action on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC but thankfully I don’t and neither do you.

The internet being what it is, it looks like we have a nice little off-camera view of For Honor‘s combat system and how it will be using sword as a shield in the game and how we will be able to kill all of our enemies. It looks like the normal tactics that are used for a long sword are in play here and that they took some care to try and get it right. Or at least tried to from the looks of things. There are more than three stances to attack and defend from but this is a game and we have some limitations to work around from the real world.

You may have seen it before but here it is again for you. For the rest of you, here is the video that showcases For Honor‘s combat system and a bit of story. As mentioned we will have to place out character in one of three stances to block incoming attacks. This is done by matching the attacking stance of the enemy and holding it until the attack is blocked. To strike back is the same system only we need to strike in a way that the enemy isn’t defending. Sounds easy in words but when you Ubisoft taking it for a spin here you can see how a mob can quickly make it insanely hard.

For Honor — Women Knight

What are your thoughts on For Honor‘s combat that we get to see here? Do you think it will be a system that gets bogged down real fast with lots of enemies or will it be tactically fun? Do you think that it will be more fun and the right kind of new for the industry? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments below and discuss in the comments. For more on For Honor be sure to keep your browser locked in right here as we will bring you what we can when we can.

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