Hitman Fans Have Spoken & It Is Time To Hunt Down Gary Busey

Hitman — Gary Busey

The next big elusive target for Hitman has been selected and it looks like Hitman fans will be hunting down Gary Busey for some reason

It looks like the Hitman fans have spoken and they have voted for their next elusive target to go live this week. This one won’t be some made up character or villain from Io Interactive but instead it looks like it will be some Hollywood big-hitter in the cross-hairs of Agent 47’s gun. The next big target for Hitman is…Gary Busey and we get to put an end to all of his antics. You know, because nothing says fun like a huge group of gamers getting around and debating who they should have to kill in a game with all of the other death that is going on in the world.

For those not in the know, this is all from the online campaign that Square Enix was running called “Choose Your Hit.” As you can guess the hit was between Gary Busey and the loser/winner Gary Cole. Now we have a fully crafted Elusive Target set up and ready for us to hunt down in Hitman on July 21st. Of course this will be part of the free updates that we have scheduled with the only difference being that we get seven full days to try and kill Mr. Busey before he is gone forever. Makes sense as they are launching this target right in the middle SDCC and a good portion of players would miss out while trying out the new interactive zones.

Hitman — Gary Busey

Hitman — Gary Busey

Following the successful online campaign to ‘Choose Your Hit’, where fans voted who would appear in Hitman as a special target between two Hollywood big-hitters Gary Cole and Gary Busey. Gary Busey won and will appear in Hitman as an Elusive Target for 7 days.

What do you think about Gary Busey being the target this week for Hitman? Do you think his full personality will shine though here or will it only look like the actor? Do you think that we are going to get to see more like this or will this be a one time off as we wouldn’t want to encourage the murder of seemingly innocent people? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Hitman in all of its aspects be sure to stick around right here for all of them. Hopefully more selective murder is in store.

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