Hells Angels In WoW

Motorcycles Finally Implemented In The Wrath Beta

This morning I woke and decided I was going to see if the WotLK Beta was up and running, servers were down last night, and got welcomed by a new patch for the Beta. Figured ok can’t be much more than fixes that have been reported. Well I found out not to long ago of something that got implemented in said patch that has me raring to go home tonight. A Motorcycle as a mount. Yes, you read that.

As reported on WoWInsider, they are new and most likely introduced to get the testing gout of the way on them, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. Also the fact that they have a sidecar that others can ride in is pretty sweet. No clue on how to get them in the Beta or when the expansion actually drops, but I plan on trying to break one tonight. Also, check out the licence plate on the sucker. Makes me proud to drive one in the game soon.

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