Have Some Gameplay For Vampyr To Gaze Into Its Soul

Vampyr — Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Another gameplay video for Vampyr has been placed online for us to watch and see if there is something new to spy for Vampyr after all of its showings

It’s always a good day when you get new gameplay for an upcoming game we are all excited about so I was over joyed when I saw that we have more gameplay for Vampyr. Ever since it was first announced by Dontnod and then showcased by Focus Home Interactive I was ready for the game to launch now even though it is still slated to come in 2017 at some point. I’ve tried to stay up on all of the news and tidbits here for Vampyr and now another video has been uploaded for us to watch right out of Gamescom. Happy days indeed!

Let’s not wait any more and sink our teeth right into the new Vampyr gameplay that we’ve had released for us. Have a look and enjoy.

Vampyr — Pre-Alpha Gameplay

We’re extending that invitation to those of you at home in the form of a 15 minute gameplay video of our pre-alpha version, showcasing some of the ideas that make Vampyr a unique gameplay experience, where the narrative is directly tied to the gameplay. Without any spoilers, our presentation begins a little after the beginning of the game. Now aware of being a vampire, our protagonist Dr Jonathan Reid must come to terms with what he has become, meeting some of the characters you will interact with along your journey – some of whom are aware of what you are, and also share the same affliction.

This video is taken from a pre-alpha version of the game, and while many aspects are still very early in their development process – notably the combat system – you’ll get to see many of the gameplay ideas currently being worked on.

Did that look completely familiar to you too? Most likely as this is the same gameplay that we’ve been getting since E3 this year. Granted that was all from a behind closed doors showing of Vampyr at E3 and then to the public at Gamescom but it is none the less the same as we’ve had. Does Dontnod not have something truly new to show us for the game? To me this reads one of two ways. Either they are holding back to keep spoilers at a minimum or there have been some hiccups in the development that has made it so they couldn’t capture something truly new in a matter of two months.

Of course I am hoping for the prior over the latter here as I am still excited for Vampyr to finally launch but it does cast some worries on my end that we’ve not seen anything new but Focus Home Interactive still wants to keep us all aware of the game. I’m not even talking anything as lengthy as the same fifteen minute showing we’ve been getting. Maybe another minute or two of something new or how the combat system has progressed so far would be a nice assurance. Hopefully that will be next here but I am feeling like it won’t be…

What do you think about the goings on for Vampyr here? Was this completely new footage to you or have you seen it multiple times already as I have? Do you think there are development issues going on we have yet to hear about or are they keeping the story and everything under a tight lid? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Vampyr, if there is some, be sure to keep your eyes glued here as we’ll keep bringing you what we can dig up for the game.

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