Have A Look At How Horizon Zero Dawn’s World Once Was

Horizon Zero Dawn — TGS2016

A new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn out of TGS is here and it shows off the world of yesterday in Horizon Zero Dawn before it came crashing down

At many conventions now we’ve seen the current state of the world for Horizon Zero Dawn. It is filled with all kinds of robots and it looks like Guerrilla Games has set it up to look as if nature is still trying to take it back while humans are just trying to survive. Of course the world of Horizon Zero Dawn couldn’t have always been that way and it should have been assumed that there was some level of high tech before it all. It makes perfect sense and in the latest trailer out of TGS we get a look at just how the world was before the fall or whatever happened to it all.

Of course as we always try, we have a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn for you to look at and see what we are talking about. We do. Sadly, it is in Japanese and does not come with any subtitles or captions in a language that is understood here. At least it gives us all some solid looks at the game’s world before and after whatever happens. I have a feeling that it is revealed in the trailer here and it should only be a short time before that is released. If only it was there at the time of this writing. Oh well…

Horizon Zero Dawn — TGS2016

My take on it all is that humans here in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn did the same thing that happened in The Matrix. They built some awesome tech, gave it thoughts, and then mistreated it to the point that they struck back and now we have all of these weird robotic creatures in the world. At least that is how I see it from just the beautiful action and visuals that we have here. I could be off but I’ll need some translations for that or to wait until the game finally launches on February 28th for the PS4.

What are your new thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn based on this video here? Do you understand what is being said here and can explain it all? Do you think this will only be a short part of the overall story or will the full thing be discovered in the game over time? Let us know and discuss/translate down in the comments. For more on Horizon Zero Dawn as we get it though you’ll want to stay right here. Hopefully it will be sooner instead of later that we get something new or a translated version of the video.

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