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MTV And Apple Corps. Join Forces For Beatles Music Game

So yesterday there was an announcement that there was something major going to be announced from Apple and MTV. A nice little presser that included some of the PR people from Harmonix. So of course that sprouted rumors and theories of what was going to be announced. A big one was a Beatles version of Rock Band. Given the companies involved. Well this morning the announcement came through and the speculation was kind of right.

Not much could be talked about, according to them, but what they have stated is that they are working on a game featuring the ENTIRE works of The Beatles. They also stated that it will NOT be an expansion or version of Harmonix’s Rock Band IP, but a music game that is all its own. Kind of cool. Especially since they stated that even though it will be separate, they are going to stick to their claim of making the Rock Band instruments capable of being used on all other games. So no need to buy new instruments.

Unfortunately, this is all that has been stated so far. So hopefully there will be some more news in the not to distant future. But the new IP is slated now for sometime in 2009. So hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for more news or even the new game.

One last thing, it has also been left open that some select tracks from The Beatles could make it onto their current running games. There are no solid plans stated, but the announcement has been left open enough to allow for it. So hopefully we’ll get a few track in the not to distant future to tide us over until this new mystery IP comes to fruition.

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IP = “Intellectual Property” not Internet Protocol in this instance.

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