Harbingers Are Coming To World Of Warcraft’s New Expansion

World Of Warcraft — Harbingers

As we get ready for the next World Of Warcraft expansion it looks like we are getting some new World Of Warcraft animated shorts to help us along

There is still over a month’s wait for the next big World Of Warcraft expansion Legion and we all know that the wait is killing most of us. Thankfully as we wait for the expansion to land on August 30th Blizzard is giving us some kind of relief in terms of new animated shorts for the game’s story. Kind of fitting for the sixth major expansion for World Of Warcraft and just kind of given the company’s trend before and as of late. We all remember what we had for Overwatch right? Hopefully so.

Now the wait starts for these World Of Warcraft animated shorts as we have a new teaser for the animated series of shorts. There doesn’t seem to be a starting date for it all but at least we get to see how the visuals will look as they go to explain the stories behind some of Azeroth’s mightiest characters. I’m guessing this is just even more expansion than any have seen before. At least that is the hope as this would be more of a marketing thing than an addition to the lore as the video description kind of states down below.

World Of Warcraft — Harbingers

As the latest World Of Warcraft expansion draws near, our new animated series, Harbingers, dives into the stories behind some of Azeroth’s mightiest characters.

Are you glad to see some more lore coming to World Of Warcraft even though it is through an animated series and not the game directly? Will this all be new information for the world’s lore or will this be more fluff? How excited are you to get the new expansion in a little more than a month? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. While World Of Warcraft isn’t one of our focuses on the site here we will do our best to keep bringing you updates. Keep an eye out here for hopefully more as we head toward the release date.

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