GTA4 First Looks

Grand Theft Auto 4, perhaps one of the most talked about and anticipated games in the history of gaming. In its first week it managed to top 500 million in sales, easily surpassing every game ever made. It?s a series that?s like a fine wine: its gotten better with age. Add to that quite possibly the most aggressive ad campaign ever seen for a video game, and you can see. Here in Brighton, UK every bus stop has a GTA 4 poster covering one whole side. In major cities, entire buildings were consumed with characters from the game, including the incredibly sexy lollipop chick (seriously, if you know where to get a poster of this girl, let me know!). They even went as far as to hang up wanted posters featuring Niko himself in major metropolitan areas:


So in comes the question: is it proving to live up to the hype? The answer in two simple words: hell yes. This isn?t Halo3, where the release was much anticipated and the sheer amount of suck the game could pull off left us with a bad taste in our mouths. The new GTA is everything we could want and more: endless missions, weapons, blood, violence, and graphic hot coffee rivaling sex scenes with hookers. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Jack Thompson! I want easily accessible hand jobs from large, lusty black women please and thank you!

Although the thing I have always loved about the series more than anything is the little touches. Take talk radio for example. Thankfully, GAT4 has given us the ability to play the radio stations from the pause screen so we can enjoy the completely eccentric radio talk shows while we aren?t playing the game.

No matter how you feel about the game, it?s creating quite the buzz. In fact, it?s the most discussed topics I?ve heard in the last week or so. I talk to everyone about the game, eager to find out what they think thus far. The conversation I had with a coworker went something like this:

Sam: ?How far are you??

Me: ?Not very, I?ve been wasting time sleeping with hookers and then killing them for my money back.?

Sam: ?dude, I went to go pick up this hooker, right? And the guy in the car in front of me picked her up first. So I figured I?d follow ?em and watch the action? like from a bush or what have you. I followed him around a while but he never pulled into an alley way. I think he knew he was being followed.?

/cue horrified looks from two non gaming co workers who walked in on the conversation.

What are your thoughts?

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