USA Today’s Marc Saltzman lays out the controversial aspects of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV.  GTA IV will be the subject of much scrutiny when it launches on April 29th. Saltzman writes:

Not unlike previous GTA games, Grand Theft Auto IV will
ruffle feathers among concerned parents, politicians and activists. You
still can kill police, but it’s wiser to avoid these shootouts because
if you’re arrested, you’ll lose all your money and weapons and fail the
mission. Though they’ll try to jump out of the way, you also can drive
into pedestrians.

Players can again proposition prostitutes to get a
“health boost.” Exotic pole dancers are in the game — but there is no
nudity, nor is there a hidden sex mini-game, à la “Hot Coffee,” which
landed the game publisher in hot water in the past.

You also can drink and drive in this game, and if you
choose to go out partying with friends, at the end of the night you can
walk home, hail a cab or drive; if you drive, your vision is blurred,
making it harder to control the vehicle.

Finally, GTA IV contains plenty of foul language. In
short, heed the “Mature” rating on the box. It’s not appropriate for
players under 17.

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