Gov’ment Uses Games To PWN

U.S. Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think

So this is something that is a few days old, but it was kind of buried. So I figured I’d bring it up here. The short and dirty of it is that the U.S. Government is paying for a few games to be built to help train spies and interrogators on their craft. So not just tactics, but quick thinking and analysis. Something that games have been proven to provoke a great response with. Just not as much action, I’m guessing, that Counter Strike has.

Now this is touching on an issue that I love to bring up. The teaching process of Video Games. I think it is a great thing to have an interactive form to teach and learn from. With things like this, it is just proving more and more that this is a viable outlet to use for lessons and the like. Much better than just sitting and reading text. Maybe this will shed some light on those nay-sayers that don’t like this idea. Who knows. Full story is linked below.

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