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Dead Space Has Gone Gold

So they announced today that Dead Space has gone gold. No surprise there with the release date no more than two weeks away. And that they have bumped the release date forward twice now. So like I said, no big surprise with that announcement, but there is a cool little extra that they are offering up for those people who purchase and play the game before the original release date they posted.

See below, there is some cool exclusive downloadable outfits for the game. Dependable on the system you get the game on. The Black and blue one is for the PS3 owners of the game while the gold and green one for the XBox users. To get these, you need to buy and play the within two weeks of launch. So between the 14th and 28th of October. No clue if they will be available for purchase after the date, but they are a cool little free extra for those who are down with this game from the start.

Here’s what they look like.

Dead Space Suit
Check It Out

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