Going #1 on the Wii…

So I normally don’t write two articles in an hour, but I just checked my email, and this was featured in my Thinkgeek.com Newsletter…

SUPER Pii Pii brothers
is a crazy, imported Japanese game for the Wii
that requires you to… well… wee!! Complete loads of mini games by
attaching your Wii-mote into the support harness provided and AIM
AWAY!! Score extra points by tinkling on cats and other fun creates who
pop out of the urinals and lose points for getting too much on the
floor. Verse your friends in the fun multi-player mode and if the
humiliation wasn’t enough, just the mere ability to say you own Super
Pii Pii Brothers is worth the $34.99 plus shipping that Thinkgeek.com is asking.

Product Features:

  • Video Game for Nintendo Wii Provides a Virtual Peeing Experience
  • Amazing Realistic Pee Fluid Dynamics
  • Imported from Japan
  • Comes with game disc and Wiimote belt harness
  • Includes cross regional boot disc to allow play on US Wii consoles
  • Minimal Japanese text makes game easy to understand if you can’t read Japanese
  • Over 100 different peeing environments with multiple toilet and urinal styles
  • Up to two players can compete with dueling pee streams

If you’re interested in actually purchasing this product before I do – please LET ME KNOW!!
I will totally make the commute to join you in a game of peeful bliss.

Find it here:
Super Pii Pii Brothers for Wii via ThinkGeek.com

…Don’t forget to put the toilet seat back down when you’re done!

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