God Of War III

Amazon Taking Pre-Orders For God Of War III

Being an avid fan of the God of War franchise, I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this on Amazon while shopping for a few books. Yes I read books too. But in any instance. I saw this, as well as a load of other sites, and decided to talk about it here for you. It’s pretty much the first “solid” kind of information that has been released. But then again, this could all just be an early thing that they are trying to cash in on from the start. I’m hoping not, but I’m not going to hold my breath or throw my cash out there just yet.

Why? You may be thinking and such since I mentioned I’m a huge fan of the franchise. Because they were taking pre-orders for Final Fantasy XIII for over a year and a half now and there is no word still from Squenix on it. Like I said, I’m hoping this isn’t the case here, but I’m going to be waiting myself. At least until the time gets closer.

Here’s the link.

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