God Of Machinima

God of War Machinima competition

ZOMGs, yes this is friggin’ awesome. If only it was offered up in the States and not only in Europe. But still, it is fun as hell to play with. I’m going to have to actually make one so I can post it back for everyone to see.

Now that I have wiped the drool off my chin. YES it was just drool! Here’s the low down. It is a contest that is being run by SCEE with the prize a load of GoW swag. Including a PSP and the game as well. All contestants have to do is register and use their video editing Flash program to make the video. They give you the clips, transitions, text and well pretty much everything. Including the ability to record your own voice overs for the videos as well. They slap it all together and your vid is submitted. You have to be a resident of one of the European Countries that they list on the intro to the site. But that doesn’t mean all of us Yanks can’t have a bit of fun with their Flash Software even though we stand no chance to win anything. Check out the site below.

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