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Netflix Giving Away 48 Hour Streaming Trials With New XBOX 360 Games

So I figured it was only a matter of time before we got these kinds of things, I didn’t expect it so soon. Not that I’m complaining though. Oh, I’m talking about getting the free trial pamphlets for NetFlix for the new XBox service. I figured since most people get them for the normal service, they would pop up for gamers too.

Well it looks like the below blogger just got one in the Quantum of Solace box. He was shocked to get it before the service is even up and running, as well as me. But it does give you a free 48 hours of the service to kick it off. So once the upgrade for the system rolls out, you can take it and get a few HD movies streamed right to your system at home, much like what can be done for PCs currently. Just kind of odd to see the free trials out before the service is even up to me. But hey, its a few free films. Who can complain right?

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