GameStop Economy PWNAGE

We all know that America’s financial situation is getting worse, especially with the gas prices rising, the housing market suffering, and the war in Iraq which has cost the United States an estimated $3 trillion.

There is one thing in the American economy that is keeping afloat and growing, which is gaming, and the nations largest retailer of games and consoles is GameStop.

“As we analyze our sales deployment, we can’t find evidence of the economy affecting our business,” GameStop company officials said recently. “In fact, like we did after 9/11, we’re seeing [comparable] store growth as consumers travel less and stay at home more, as well as trade in more games on new game purchases.”

GameStop is dominating the industry and there seems to be no end to the continuous climbing of games and console sales. In the next coming years Xbox 360 might turn into Xbox 720, Playstation 3 might turn into Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii might turn into the Nintendo Uss or something crazy like that.

At this moment there seems to be no end to the growing of gaming. As technology gets smarter and people clamor to have the latest system, gaming will never die.

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