Frag Dominat Press Release

Frag Dominant

Frag Dominant, a professional gaming organization founded in November of 2006, has been making a big dent in the world of eSports over the last year and gathering resounding support along the way. With paramount divisions in every major title from Counter-Strike to Gears of War, theres simply no other North American organization that matches the success and diversity of FD.

FD’s Counter-Strike 1.6 division is made up of an extremely talented group of players and is currently participating in the highest tier of any online professional league, CEVO-P. This isn’t your average walk in the park gaming league – cold hard cash in the amount of $10,000 is on the line and FD’s Counter-Strike team aims to take its share. The team has been ranked #4 in North America by and even outside of CEVO has its sights set on the top. So far, they’ve been on a hot streak. These guys are the type of players you don’t want to mess with, or they’ll do to you what Drew Carey did to comedy.

The sequel to CS, Counter-Strike: Source, has also been a staple of competitive gaming since its inception in 2004, and FD has secured its spot of the limelight. After an undefeated run in the CEVO-M upper bracket playoffs, FD is already guaranteed at least 2nd place. If they win, they take home $1,400 and a move-up to CEVO-P to play against North America’s best for a total pot of $10,000. Winning is nothing new to this team, and before them now is the chance to make even more money doing it.

One of the most consistent and dependable divisions of FD is its Warcraft 3: Defense of the Ancients division. Having been a part of a FD since the inauguration of the organization, the DotA team has grown along with us and now stands at the top of its field. The team has been racking up accomplishments all year, from 2nd place in the online GGC Tournament to 5th in the infamous eMg Fire in Ice LAN. Although DotA is in off-season at the moment, the upcoming season of league play is turning out to be quite intense, and FD.DotA is already right there at the top.

FD’s Call of Duty 4 division, a team that has been tearing into the competition, has just come out of its 2nd win in CEVO-P against the Intel sponsored Team EG. This division of FD is without a doubt a team that has been around the Call of Duty block more times than you care to know and has a headcount to show for it. Keep an eye out for them, they’ll be at the highly anticipated NERV LAN in Pennsylvania competing for their share of a $4,600 prize pot – not to mention the generous pot of $3,500 they’re gunning for in CEVO.

The console division of Frag Dominant has also done its fair share of damage to the egos of their opponents. The Gears of War division is made up the four most prestigious, talented players in Major League Gaming. The team has an amazing record of 30-1 on MLG GameBattles and just took home 2nd place, $250 worth of MLG credits and MLG hoodies for the team. Watch out for them in MLG 2008, they’ve won over $11,000 already on the MLG circuit and are looking to make 08′ a year to remember. Also, now that ESPN has partnered with the MLG, you might not have to go any further than your home televesion to get a look at these guys.

The other half of the Frag Dominant console team is the Rainbow Six: Vegas division. The team consists of more than one national champion and can melt steel with a stare. Well, we made that part up, but the rest is true. With an impressive record of 23-3 after starting late on GameBattles , the team has been focusing on its run in the Old Spice & MLG Playoffs .

All of the hard work done by the members has paid off, though, as the team has officially claimed bragging rights and $2,000 by defeating T3AM L3THAL in the finals. This is no surprise, on the 2007 circuit alone they earned themselves over $20,000. As well as the Gears of War division, the Rainbow Six: Vegas division will be attending multiple MLG events throughout 2008, and with their MLG history is sure to be featured on ESPN. You had better just hope you don’t find yourself on the wrong end of their controller.
All and all, with Enermax, Diamond Multimedia, Mushkin Enhanced, Thermaltake and Tritton Technologies powering our teams, 2008 is going to be a year to remember!

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