First online review of GTA IV hits the Internet

IGN posted their full review of the game this morning, which spans seven pages and ends in them awarding the game a 10 out of 10.

“Hang in one area of the city long enough and you’ll see how traffic and
pedestrian flow changes as the day progresses. When it rains, people
bring out umbrellas or shield themselves with a newspaper and run for
an awning. Cops chase petty thieves unaware that walking down the
street is Niko Bellic, cold-blooded killer. There’s a perfect balance
of mumbling doomsayers to remind you that the reason this city never
sleeps is because it’s full of nut jobs. People go about their day,
only altering course when Niko inserts himself into their lives with
his crappy driving or excellent marksmanship.”-Hilary Goldstein of IGN

    Look out COD4! Has GTA4 come to claim it’s title as Game of the Year? We’ll find out soon enough!

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