First Jason And Now Freddy Slashing Away

First Jason And Now Freddy Slashing Away

Rumor: Europe Might Be Getting A Xbox 360 Price Cut

So yesterday I talked about how and why the PS3 might get a much needed price slash. Now it turns out that the Xbox 360 might be getting one as well. The big difference in these two stories is that this one seems more like a fact than a rumor, unlike the PS3 report.

This should go into effect some time before the Easter sales period and it is reported to be a 50 EUR drop down on all systems. Making the ranges of the systems down to 150 EUR for the Arcade Version, 200 EUR for the Premium, and 240 EUR for the Elite version of the system. This should bring the Arcade version below the price of the Wii. There is no word on if this will also be the case outside of Europe or not. But it will definitely kick up sales more, at least I’d hope so.

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