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Something Good About The MGO Beta

So I was getting really down about all the hoops and crap going along with MGO so far. Read my other Narticles about it, but there have been a load of set backs in my opinion. Then this flies into my view, and you know what? I’m a bit stoked to get in on Friday now, pending any further set backs that Konami might have before that time. The video below shows the Character Creation process for the game. It’s not too long and a little bit of sound. I’ll explain below

So it looks like every other Character Creation tool for other online games. You know the basics, Name, Face and such. But you can also customize the voice of the character as well. So far it only has 4 different voices, but it allows you to alter the pitch of said voice up and down. Pretty cool for customizability there. Then you get to add gear to the character. There’s like 8 or 9 different areas you can alter here. Now when you watch the video, you may say, well you only get to choose between about 4 or 5 options on each and very little color customization. This is true, but this is also a Beta and they still have time to build more to add. It’s one of the good things about online games ya know. So hopefully I will be experiencing this first had in a few days. Maybe even see a bit more that was not shown in the video.

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