Final Fantasy XV’s Visuals Are Like Day And Night

Final Fantasy XV — Day/Night Cycle

Another new video clip for Final Fantasy XV has popped up this week and this one focuses on Final Fantasy XV’s day and night cycle in the game…visually

As it turns out we couldn’t make it all the way through to the end of the week without yet another Final Fantasy XV video to look upon here. At this rate I am not sure what Square Enix will have left for us at E3 or any of the other events leading up to its September 30th release date. Of course I jest as there is obviously a whole lot more going on in Final Fantasy XV that little clips like this can’t fully do it justice but at least now we get to see how the day and night transition cycles happen here.

If you played the demo for Final Fantasy XV when it was given out you may have seen it in action already. Although if memory serves it was a fast transition that more or less felt like the sun dropped down or popped up depending on the time. Here we get to see a smoother transition that we can most likely expect while traversing the world we have before us. Hopefully with an extremely decelerated speed than we are going to see in the following clip. It would make no sense if it took only a few minutes real world time to go from day to night right?

As there isn’t more information on how this will affect gameplay or any bits on the story I’ll just let you have at it. I am sure we can guess that enemies in Final Fantasy XV will be stronger or more prevalent based on the ecosystem during night or day depending. As that hasn’t been set in stone though take that as mere speculation on my end.

Final Fantasy XV — Day/Night Cycle

Do you think that Final Fantasy XV gets prettier with each new video clip we get? Do you wish that there was more explanation that came along with all of these little videos here too? What do you think will be in store for us at all of the major conventions coming up here in short order? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. As is obvious this week, we will keep bringing you more on Final Fantasy XV as it comes out. Stay right here for all of that as you know we are going to keep by our words.

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