Final Fantasy XV Now Has A Season Pass Of DLC For Order

Final Fantasy XV — Season Pass

A season pass for Final Fantasy XV has popped up online for pre-order and it looks to add interesting things to Final Fantasy XV over the few months after launch

Not the exact new I was expecting for Final Fantasy XV but it looks like there is a Season Pass worth of DLC coming to the game after launch. Not only that but it looks like Square Enix quietly let the cat out of the bag by making the Season Pass or upgraded version of the game available on the PlayStation store for pre-order. You can go secure your digital version of Final Fantasy XV and pay the $24.99 USD extra to secure your DLC for after the game launches on September 30th for the PS4 and Xbox One. Although at the time of this writing it is only available for pre-order on the PS4 version of the game. I’m sure that will change soon.

Anyways, no solid details were given out on Final Fantasy XV‘s new Season Pass of DLC when it was first spotted on the North American store. Then it popped up on the Japanese store and details were added. Not many more but thankfully there are translators out there and we can now kind of see what we may be getting in terms of the DLC. Surprisingly it sounds like there are “episodes” of sorts coming to the game and have been listed just a bit below.

Final Fantasy XV — Season Pass

Final Fantasy XV — Season Pass

According to a translation from Gematsu, these are the names of the Final Fantasy XV DLC packs:

  • Booster Pack (DLC #1)
  • Episode Gladiolus (DLC #2)
  • Holiday Pack (DLC #3)
  • Episode Ignis (DLC #4)
  • Episode Prompto (DLC #5)
  • Expansion Pack (DLC #6)

For the most part the Booster and Holiday pack sound like they will add just the basics to Final Fantasy XV with a slew of addition for the characters and specifically themed items for the holidays. At least that is how it reads to me here even though the price point is a bit steep for just skins and such. In terms of the episodes, as I said, not much is described outside of what we have here. They could be extra story bits or they could just be extra areas and missions to complete outside of the main one. I’m hoping for the later here for Final Fantasy XV but only time will tell as this hasn’t been set up as an episodic game like many of Square Enix‘s other IPs have been.

Even if those episode listings are not solid story add-ons it does look promising for more with the Expansion Pack listing for Final Fantasy XV. Usually that is exactly what is added into the mix with a name like that. Of course this is also a translation and could mean something completely different here in the West than it does in the East but it does make me hopeful for a lot more Final Fantasy than what we already know is coming. That is also a huge list already too.

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XV getting a season pass of DLC post-launch? Do you think the episodes will be full story bits or something completely different? What do you think the rest of the DLC will contain in terms of the full game? Let us know and feel free to discuss away in the comments. For all things Final Fantasy XV be sure to stick right here as we will keep bringing you everything we can as we get it. Hoping for a lot more in due time.

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