FFXIII coming to the Xbox (FINALLY)

After numerous reports that FFXIII would NOT be on the Xbox 360, it seems that they were all wrong. Finally Final Fantasy is coming to the Xbox 360, you may ask what this means? Well sorry Sony, it seems that your exclusive Final Fantasy franchise has come to an end.

To top it all off, it will be released the same day as the PS3 version. Why I like this is because if for whatever reason the PS3 version sells out, I can at least get the Xbox version or vice versa.

I also think this means that we are finally starting to see exclusives go out the window. Now most game companies are making games for both consoles, but still leaving the Wii out in the desert. It’ll be interesting to see how these exclusives pan out over the next year or two.

EDIT: So it seems that there is still exclusivity with FFXII, but only in japan. Sorry all you Japanese Xbox holders…

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