Fatal Frame IV Possessing Your Wii

Survival Horror and fans of the series Fatal Frame should be happy to know the series is headed to the Wii for it’s fourth installment, currently entitled Zero ~Tsukihami no Kamen~ in Japan.  New images were released by Tecmo showing in game images, which look really nice on the Wii.  Original Director Makoto Shibatais back for the fourth installment, but joining him this time is Goichi Suda, the creator of No More Heroes.  The duo previouslt teamed on the game Killer 7. 

The player is once again armed with a camera or “Projective Machine” in which you fight the spirits with throughout the game.  This time the controls of the camera will be fully incorporated into the Wiimote and should provide a fun and fresh challenge to the franchise.  Set to release July 31st 2008 in Japan, no release date is currently set in the U.S.  But considering the fan base for the series in the U.S., I would guess we will see it outside of Japan by the end of the year, if not early next year in a localized version.

Screen shots below are courtesy of Dengeki and magazine scans courtesy of Famitsu Magazine.




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