Everything Is So….Bluuuuuuu…

Everything Is So....Bluuuuuuu...

Sony Is In Talk About Blu-Ray For Other Machines

So after the striking blow to HD-DVD Drive, from Toshiba and backed up with Circuit City, Sony looks like they are trying to help spread their tech out there. Like before, they are talking about making the Blu-Ray player available on all formats. Of course this has to be one of those ego things for Sony, but they aren’t leaving anyone behind. This claim came from Stan Glasgow and he states that they are in discussions about this whole thing. So hopefully we will see some good come out of this whole “Format War” soon.

Now this of course isn’t going to be something that Apple or Microsoft are going to go along with easily. Hell, Microsoft has stated multiple times about this that they don’t want to use Blu-Ray. Even know they state that they want to focus on gaming instead of movies and the like. They just are not good losers it seems like, but this is also very new. One good thing though is that the infamous “They” predict that the cost of Blu-Ray players should drop by at least 300 smackers within the year. Doubtful that will do to much to the cost of the PS3, but now people who have no love for Sony can get a player without having to buy their gaming machine.

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