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Wii Head Tracking powers new 3D game

Not the most creative of titles, but, well…whatever. A long while back, before we had the Narticle section, I posted a bunch of things about the Wii and PS-Eye head tracking systems that people are working on. They were just basic tracking things that would move just some dots or basic targets on the screen depending on where your head is. The Wii had a set of glasses for this. They looked very clunky and a lot like the old VR goggles of yore. But that’s enough of traveling down memory lane. On to what this is all about.

They have made these “goggles” for the Wii actually a lot smaller and look somewhat more “normal.” Almost like a head band with two of those little glasses mount cameras that Will Smith used in I am Legend. Well to go one step further, as you can see in the video below, a developer actually made a 3D type paint ball looking game to interact with. The OpenGL game moves the game world around on screen to display what you should be able to see based on where your head is positioned. Really cool stuff here. Just think about what they can do within the near future. Seeing as the first postings I did where less than a month or so ago. Within that time, they have refined a lot. Check it out.

Check It Out

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