Embrace The Chaos Of Watch Dogs 2’s Multiple Online Modes

Watch Dogs 2 — Online Multiplayer

Get the rundown of Watch Dogs 2’s multiple ways to play the game online with co-op and competitive modes coming back for Watch Dogs 2 in new ways

It is no huge surprise that Watch Dogs 2 is going to have another multiplayer mode added into the game as some of them from before were a huge success to it all. That and we all know how Ubisoft likes to try and wedge these kinds of things in to have us make more use of the uPlay system they built. The good news though is that it looks like Watch Dogs 2 is keeping what wasn’t broken from before and they are trying to improve upon it. Hopefully they get some solid testing in before November 15th as it looks like the servers could be the may hitch here as the new mode sounds to work a lot like an MMO more than before.

As was to be assumes, we will have the ability to infiltrate each other’s hacker accounts in Watch Dogs 2. We’ll also get to use all of the new tools and skills from the game that we earn that we never had before. Of course that is if you always want to go up against each other in Watch Dogs 2 as there is also a co-op mode that just as seamlessly will allow us to join each other in their missions and trials. The following trailer shows just how you could be playing along just fine and someone opts to follow you and just help out for the fun of it all. I don’t see that happening too often given the gamer mentality but it is an option there.

The last mode to check out is what they are calling the Bounty Hunter mode. This is a new twist on the fact that if you cause too much chaos in the world that the cops will hunt you down to arrest you. Well in Watch Dogs 2 it is no long just the cops as you can have a digital bounty placed on you were up to three other players can opt to help the cops hunt you down for their own reward. One of the said three players can choose to help you out and be a “defender” of sorts but it doesn’t change the fact that you can also gain bonuses by evading the police and taking out your fellow hackers. Seems like a bit too much for me as I know I’d rather the AR games to be back instead.

Watch Dogs 2 — Online Multiplayer

Bounty Hunter isn’t the only PvP mode coming to Watch Dogs 2, either. While it wasn’t part of the demo, the Hacking Invasion mode from the first Watch Dogs is returning, letting you invade another player’s session and try to stay hidden long enough to hack their data. There are a few tweaks to the mode’s Watch Dogs 2 incarnation, however; for example, the hack and data download now begin at the same time (where in the original there was a delay between them). Also, the addition of drones makes camping in a hiding spot – particularly one high up off street level – a potentially disastrous idea if you’re the hacker, as the target can use Marcus’ flying drone to find and drop taser bombs on you.

All of this is in addition to the co-op, which not only lets a friend seamlessly wander into your world and join your game, but also comes with a set of cop-op specific missions you can replay repeatedly. These aren’t directly connected to the campaign storyline, and you can even take them on by yourself (but expect an extremely tough challenge if you do). Win or lose, all online modes will net you at least some followers and an online score, which feeds into a global leaderboard and can qualify you for low- or high-end cosmetic rewards depending on the size of the score you accrue during a leaderboard season.

Just in case this doesn’t fill you in completely on the new-ish modes coming to Watch Dogs 2 it looks like the main mind over at Ubisoft for the game has taken it upon himself to give us a bit more on each of the modes in the game. Mostly it is a rehashing of what we have here but you never know, you could see or hear something new that was missed before. Have a look.

Watch Dogs 2 — Creating Cooperative And Competitive Chaos In A Seamless Open World

What are your thoughts on the modes coming to Watch Dogs 2 here? Do you think that the two modes from before were perfectly fine and didn’t need tweaking or will they just be improving on what there was before? Do you think that players will target and attack more than aid even when given the options here? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Watch Dogs 2 be sure to keep your eyes glued here as we’ll bring you all that we can when we can. Hopefully a lot sooner than later too.

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