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“Morally Responsible” Mutual Fund Won’t
Invest in GTA IV Publisher


The Timothy Plan, a Maitland, Florida-based mutual
fund group which offers a “biblical choice when it comes to investing,” has issued a press
release slamming Take Two Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO), publisher of Grand Theft Auto IV.

As GTA IV Launches, Harvard Med School Author Advises Parents:


Today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer features a
front page article on GTA IV which includes an interview with one of the authors of Grand Theft Childhood:
The Surprising Truth about Violent Video Games.

GTA IV: 360 vs PS3


Graphics shootout – which console will take the

How GTA IV made the world go crazy


Mothers threatened, gamers patronized as launch
frenzy escalates

GTA IV Reviews: An Exercise In Hyperbolism


Time for a Frankenreviewreview.

Grand Theft UPS: copies of GTA stolen en route to


After reporting on the hype and controversy
surrounding the Tuesday release of Grand Theft Auto IV, I can’t believe I’m going to write a
“this game causes crime!” story, but here we go.

Developer: ‘Bourne’ Game Too Violent For Matt
Damon’s Liking


The Bourne ConspiracyWhen I saw highly impressive
“The Bourne Conspiracy” a few weeks back at Sierra’s spring media gathering, I came away
with a lingering question: where was the star of the films, Matt Damon?

Guitar Hero: Gateway Drug to Six-String Bliss


Guitar Hero is turning some gamers into actual guitar

Blockbuster Ups Games Focus

US movie and game rental chain Blockbuster will be
increasing its focus on videogames, in an effort to grab a piece of the $17.9 billion industry.

EA Co-Founder To Depart For iFund Backer Kleiner


Venture capital firm KPCB — the investor group
behind Apple’s $100 million iFund to seed third party iPhone development — has announced that
Electronic Arts co-founder and CCO William ‘Bing’ Gordon will be joining the firm as Partner as of
June 2008.

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