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Arizona Bill Worries Video Game Industry


A piece of legislation under consideration today by
the Arizona State Senate has video game industry representatives concerned.

Could EA Takeover Delay GTA IV Release?


Oft-quoted Wedbush-Morgan analyst Michael Pachter
(left) speculates that an EA acquisition of Take-Two could delay the much-anticipated April 29th release of
Grand Theft Auto IV.

Stephen King: Videogame Lunacy

Entertainment Weekly

EW’s pop-culture columnist peels away the
hypocrisy a Massachusetts proposal to ban sales of violent games to minors, another attempt by politicians
to act as surrogate parents that he says is not only doomed to fail, but is undemocratic to boot

EDITOR’S VIEW: Are Games Immoral?

Well, are they? Colin Campbell wonders why it is that
we, as gamers, so enjoy the business of slaying, killing and murdering. Is it because we are wicked?

Xbox 360 Version Of Wii Remote Has Been In Development Since
Summer, Source Exclusively Tells MTV News


Source provides sketch of prototype controller.

Grand Theft Radar: 8 new crimes that’ll be blamed on GTA


How will the media get it wrong this time? We’ve
got a few educated guesses…

Watch Your Wallets—4/7


This is one of those weeks where you won’t have
to keep both eyes on your wallet, if you’re worried about your money running away and spending

Exclusive: Internal EA Survey Shows Boosts in Employee
Satisfaction & Morale


Gabrielle Toledano, Executive Vice President of Human
Resources at EA, has revealed results of a worldwide EA employee survey, indicating much confidence in
EA’s vision.

Scoop: Novint Technologies to License Games From Electronic
Arts to Boost Support For Its Falcon 3-D Touch Controller


At last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, one of
the more unusual gadgets that we saw was the Falcon game controller from Novint Technologies, which allows
users to feel objects and interactions in a 3-D manner.

‘Bioshock’ creator picks his top 5 games


What does a creative guy play when he’s not
dreaming up his next title?

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