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Who is the Biggest Political Hypocrite? …Vote in New GP


Video games, as every GamePolitics reader knows, have
become a political football.

Arizona State Senate Rejects “Dangerous” Media
Content Bill


As GamePolitics detailed yesterday, the Arizona
Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on HB2660, a measure which would potentially hold media content
producers liable for violent acts committed by consumers of books, movies, video games and the like.

The Political Game: Welcome to the Slippery Slope


If you pay attention to the First Amendment arguments
offered in defense of video games, you’ll often hear reference to something called the “slippery

What a World: Byron Review – Parent Edition


I was standing in Gamestop today and two kids wearing
soccer uniforms, whose heads barely passed my beltline came running through the door and made a beeline to
the GTA IV boxes.

Gaming, Real Violence Trends Tracked, Charted


It’s easy to claim that gaming violence has no
correlation with real world violence, but those arguments are a bit hollow if you can’t provide data to
corroborate; or even better, a fancy line graph.

Grand Theft Auto IV – multiplayer hands-on


16 players. Three perspectives. One city. Five ways
to tear it all to pieces

Rockstar: ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Multiplayer
‘Not Tacked On’


…Our two hours at Rockstar showed that the
secret of “GTA IV” multiplayer is the same as the secret of single-player: Whatever the rules
are in “GTA,” the most fun may be attained by not following them.

Games for Windows Mag Shifts from Print to Online


In what is no doubt part of the general plan by Ziff
Davis Media to reorganize in the face of flagging profits, Games for Windows will cease as a print magazine
after this month.

“Red Light Of Death” Xbox Owner Wants Same Extended
Warranty As “Red Ring Of Death” Sufferers


Though Microsoft bowed to a gamer backlash and gave
3-year warranty protection for the widespread Xbox hardware failure known as “The Red Ring of
Death,” it seems another debilitating malfunction, “The Red Light of Death,” hasn’t
become enough of a PR fiasco to merit the same treatment.

Guitar Hero

I had a rude awakening recently when I looked at a
video game. It was called Guitar Hero and is wildly popular with the younger set.

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