E3 2016 Impressions — Injustice 2

Injustice 2 — Gameplay

While at E3 I was able to see Injustice 2 in a more intimate setting than just a trailer. Here’s my take on Injustice 2

It was “leaked” and then we got some gameplay to look at just before E3 but I was able to sit down and actually have a good look at Injustice 2 on the show floor. It wasn’t anything playable sadly but it was gameplay where NetherRealm Studios went into all the ins and outs of the updates and changes that will be coming. Not only that but we had a look at a few of the new characters coming to Injustice 2 here when it launches next year for the PS4 and Xbox One. It does look like the PC is taking a back seat on this one given all of the pitfalls that Warner Bros. has gone through with all of their big titles porting over, but that is a discussion for a different time.

First up as it goes for Injustice 2 would be the upgraded visuals for the game. Obviously that was on the way given all of the time that has passed and all of the tech upgrades in general. Not a shocker but at least there will plenty of new detail added to the characters to give them a better presence on the screen and an added level of hidden gems to be spied in the mix. Yes, this means that NetherRealm can cram even more into the game.

Speaking on upgrades here this now goes into the characters themselves for Injustice 2 too in terms of character level and the gear that they can now unlock. Not much has been gone into on the character levels but we do gain XP after each fight no matter the outcome. Obviously the victor gets more. What also comes is a new gear drop for each side after each fight. This adds to one of the four stats, or detracts based on power, that help dictate how your character handles in the game. Again not much detail was gone into but some of the gear was shown off in between battles were we get to customize to our content afterwards.

Adding to all of that is the fact that some gear will unlock extra moves and combos as we progress though Injustice 2. In fact we were able to see Batman gain a multi-batarang attack in the demo because he happened to beat down his opponent so well. How in-depth this will all be is also a mystery but I have a feeling that NetherRealm isn’t going to hamstring us too bad from the start and these are all going to be just cool little extras for those who have the want and time to dedicate to the game. If not things could get one-sided real quick in my eyes.

Lastly, we also had a chance to see three of the new characters coming to Injustice 2 that have never been before. Obviously there was Super Girl who was in the announcement trailer but also as I hoped we have Gorilla Grodd mixed in and it looks like the Red Lanterns will have a showing with Atrocitous. DC fans will know them well but for the rest I invite you to Google them to get the full run down. Just know that the powers and strengths they are known for have been brought over rather well with Grodd having his mind powers and Atrocitous having his allies and blood rage to set us on fire. Just as was to be expected.

In true NetherRealm Studios way I have a feeling that we are going to be getting the rest of the rather large roster for Injustice 2 shown off over time via small live streams and industry events. They would be daft to not have something to show us at SDCC but stranger things have happened as always. None the less it looks like they are combining what made the first game so great and adding some of the lessons learned from Mortal Kombat X into the mix. I’m amped for this and can’t wait for more.

Injustice 2 — Gameplay

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