Double Axe For Wii

Double Axe For Wii

Guitar Hero III Gets New Pack

So you might have heard or been mixed up in the fiasco of the Mono-sound issue with the Wii version of the game. If you signed up for the replacement disc, I’m sorry for you since that doesn’t seem to be going to well, at least from what has been reported to me. I hear it is a long turn around time to get your disk shipped back to you. So you might want to pick up another game in the mean time to fill the void of the wait. No More Heroes is a good choice, but I digest. Cookie to the person who gets that reference. But it looks like Activision is trying to make a mends.

Starting with the Australian market, and hopefully moving to others soon, they are shipping a new bundle. This bundle comes with the correct version of the game that was meant to ship in the first place. On top of that, it will come with both controllers in box so you don’t have to buy the game twice, like some people I know. Not to bad a deal really, unless you have the game already I guess. Now if only they would fix the issue with the compatibility with the PS3 controllers.

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