Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! 2 Duo Cover Revealed

People familiar with the original Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! game from SNK Playmore, know the game got a lot of press due to the fact you revealed witches by touching, looking at and kissing girls’ bodies.  Well, after a huge success in Japan, SNK announced the sequel earlier this year, much to the delight of fans.  Now SNK has revealed the box art and announced a release date for the next installment.  It will be released on July 31st, 2008 and will feature a standard edition and a limited edition (according to NCSX will include a special CD, a student guidebook and Angel/Devil mascots.

But on to the cover which reveals quite a few things about Doki Doki 2, and first thing you notice is the blue bars across the cover letting you see through the girls’ clothes. This might just mean there is a new x-ray vision type power and the fact that girls look like barbie dolls, as the presence of nipples is completely non-existent.  Will this really be in the game, or is it just a way to spice up the box art? No one knows as of now, but be assured more information will be announced as the release date nears.  Another interesting note about the box is the game is now rated Cero D which equals 17 and up in Japan (the last game was Cero C, or 15 and up).  This may have to do with a “new” x-ray” feature, or it may be due to the fact you can now flick a girl’s body part while examining her for a witch seal.  

Will this game push the limits of decency on the DS further than the first one did? Probably.  Will it be as much, if not more fun than the original? Most definitely.  Look for more news on this game as the release date approaches, and my personal anticipation grows. 


full size of the cover can be found here at

NSFW (no nudity, but inappropriate touching) below:

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