Death Is Everywhere In Final Fantasy XV & You Can Control It All

Final Fantasy XV — Death Spell

New gameplay for Final Fantasy XV has popped up and this time we get to see Final Fantasy XV’s death spell in action & a new monster

It should be no surprise that one of the most powerful spells in the franchise is coming back to Final Fantasy XV. This would be the Death Spell that sung our end or victory so many times in all of the other titles that Square Enix has given us. While the magic system still seems a bit beyond me in Final Fantasy XV it does look like this spell is coming back to the franchise and that we might have a bit more control over how all of it works. Maybe this is one of those things that delayed the game until November 29th or not. It does look like it is a deviation that is well needed and a great way to end it all. Pun intended.

If you have had a chance to play the Final Fantasy XV demo already then you know that the magic system looks to consist of us having “magic balls” to throw out and hopefully hit our targets. At least that is how it always felt to me when I played the demo. As you can see in the below video though it looks like Death is more of a sustained ray that we have to hold while it drains the enemies of all of their life. It also looks like this is something can be interrupted in the game so it is just as difficult as the random success “rolls” we all had from before. Now it looks skill based instead of luck based and I totally dig that.

Of course it doesn’t look like you will be draining actual health with this spell in the game though as there is no indication of it on the screen here. It does look like it has a varying length needed based on the current health of the enemy and its power though. At least that is what I can see in the below video for Final Fantasy XV‘s Death spell. Have a look for yourself though and see how different this is going to be based on what we can currently experience from the Demo that was released a while ago.

Final Fantasy XV — Death Spell

As revealed exclusively during the Final Fantasy XV presentation at TwitchCon 2016, witness Death magic – one of the powerful spells granted by the Ring of the Lucii. Death drains the HP of enemies. The longer you use the spell, the more your enemy will physically deteriorate. In this video Death is used to tackle a variety of enemies, including another exclusive reveal – the fearsome Bandersnatch!

Hopefully you payed close attention to the video here as not only did we get to see a bunch of monsters and men die from the spell but we also had a look at the new Bandersnatch monster for Final Fantasy XV at the end. This is apparently big enough news for Square Enix to highlight here so I’m going to point it out for you too. It looks nice and meaty as it should but still can be brought down by the powers of Death so it can’t be too fearsome. Maybe it is a lot worse when you first encounter it at a lower level with fewer powers. Maybe…

Are you now ready to unleash Death in Final Fantasy XV or do you want other abilities? What do you think about the magic system as it stands so far in the game? Are you shocked and awed by the reveal of the Bandersnatch here or will it just be another creature to meet the end of your blade? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and discuss. For more on Final Fantasy XV in all its forms be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep bringing you all of the updates that we can get our hands on for you.

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