De-Formers Is The Next Big Title Coming From Ready At Dawn

De-Formers — Teaser

The teased title form Ready At Dawn has been revealed as De-Formers and De-Formers is a vast deviation from the last title we had from the studio

If you were hoping for the next big title from Ready At Dawn to be a sequel to The Order then you will just have to wait on that as it is actually a title called De-Formers. Don’t go getting your pitchforks and torches just yet as this is a title that the team had in the pipes well before the prior game was even a thing. They are just now free to work on De-Formers and bring us all some fun and excitement to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC with this new, quirky, arena based combat title that some of us may have been hoping for instead…

You can see the teaser for De-Formers just a bit below here but as it stands it look like a crazy version of bumper cars with a bit of the Super Smash Bros mechanics mixed in. We will be taking on the role of one of these bowling ball shaped creatures in the game and will be rolling around the maps trying to eliminate each other via special abilities or forcing others off the level itself. Mixing a dash attack, shied maneuver, projectiles, and counter attacks with a physics engine we will have some frantic and fun insanity as we try to become the top…”De-Former?”

De-Formers — Teaser

One of the other cool features to try and drive players into the mix of De-Formers is that when you eliminate another player you will grow in size and gain some of their special powers. Pretty much forcing the hands of all of those “sit and wait” players in these kinds of games as the match can become one-sided real fast. At least if there are no respawns and players hoping back in and leaving it in a massive blob on little blob fight.

As mentioned above De-Formers will have a physics-based engine used for the combat as well. That is in terms of striking other players and forcing them to have real reactions to the hit in terms of direction and velocity of the hits. There are no pre-determined animations to dictate any of this so if all plays out right from Ready At Dawn then these creatures will be flying all around as they would if we truly taught bowling balls to fight in a pit. Oh the imagery there…

One more fun aspect adding into the mix of De-Formers is an extra option in the game based on a German short film called Balance. This extra feature will also cause the arenas to tilt and move based on the weight of the characters in relation. If all of them are on one side of the map it will have an obvious grade that players can use to their advantage or detriment depending. A nice extra touch but I’d like to see it in practice before I pass any true judgement.

What are your thoughts on De-Formers being the studio’s next release? Were you hoping for something this different or is this just the perfect follow up to The Order? Do you see some of the issue with the tilting of the world as I do? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. Now that we know we will keep a solid eye on De-Formers as it progresses. Be sure to stay tuned in here for all of the news and updates that we have on this new title.

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