Couple Engaged Through LPB – Exclusive interview.

If you’ve been looking up Little Big Planet videos on Youtube the last few days, then odds are you might have spotted one titled Little Big Planet: Love and Marriage (Engagement Proposal). If not, then I suggest you look it up! Jed Whitaker and Andrea Wilson (soon to be Whitaker) got engaged this last Friday while playing LBP. Jed built the level, Love and Marriage, and had his girlfriend (now finance) play through it while he got the whole thing on video, resulting in a new Youtube favorite.

I recently got the chance to interview Jed and Andrea and ask them about the experience. Here’s what they had to say:

Clov3r: Alright well first off, let me give you both my congrats
Jed: thanks a lot, a lot of people have been really kind to us

Clov3r: What made you decide you were going to propose to your girlfriend on Little Big Planet? How the idea come about?
Jed: Well I had thought about it when seeing previews for the game, and just wanted to do something original to propose to her. We both had been playing the Beta and enjoying it so that made up my mind. We both loved LittleBigPlanet, and each other, so it kind of fit hand in hand.

Clov3r: I noticed you said you made the level yourself. About how long did it take you to make that?
Jed: I think it took around 10 hours, and it was over a couple of days. Being my first serious level, it took some time to figure out the editor. Also having to redo the hearts that fall when she picked yes took forever! I would have to delete 4 parts on each heart, and I had to do it at least 5 times.
Jed: Tedious, but well worth it haha
Clov3r: Sounds like it! And I must say – the end product came out very well

Clov3r: How were you feeling when you were playing the level? Did you know what he had planned? How did it all come about?
Andrea: Well.. I was shocked.  The title of the level is “love and marriage” so i figured it would be something lovely, but i definitely wasn’t expecting that.  i knew he was recording the level (we do a bunch of recordings for youtube) so i just tried to stay calm and keep playing.  i was expecting to get proposed to within the next month or two, but i didn’t know he had spent so much time working on this specific original proposal.

Clov3r: You’ge got yourself a great man there 😀
Andrea: Very true 🙂

Clov3r: What do you think about those who are saying that the proposal being silly because it was through a video game? Any thoughts or comments?
Andrea: I could care less that it was on a video game.  It was special.. Its something we both enjoy.  He’s definitely NOT the kind of person to get down on one knee and do the “old traditional” style, but that’s what I love about him.  It was super special and I really did love it. The people who are putting him down because of it don’t realize how much time, effort, thought and care he put into it.  Honestly, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the people who say it was dumb or silly or whatever don’t matter.  We take the congratulations happily and the “that was stupid/lame/childish/etc with a grain of salt.
Clov3r: Well to me it sounds like everyone else was just jealous that their significant other hadn’t thought of it first.
Andrea: yeah, it seems that way, haha.

Clov3r: So have you both started making wedding plans yet?
Andrea: Not really actually, we’ve only been engaged for a few days, so we’re really just letting it all soak in.  We’ll probably get married next summer, but nothing is set in stone.  I guess the first step for us is picking a date, so once we get that out of the way I’m sure we’ll move on the the bigger things.

Clov3r: And finally let me ask if you both have any other words for your fans out there.
Well I’d just like to say thanks for all the kind words, support, and best wishes. Also, I hope that all the people who were inspired by our video follow in our footsteps and propose to their loved ones in an original way. Also feel free to add us on XBL/PSN. XBL = Jed05 and Drubbing Drea, PSN = Dimmujed and Drubbing Drea.

A special thanks again to Jed and Andrea! Everyone make sure to wish them congrats!
You can also add them on Pwned. Check out their profile @

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