Concepts of Diablo III

Running Pictures With The Devil

So I was bouncing about IGN and found the below. There are loads more images on there, but here are a few that I liked and decided to show you, my readers. All three of you. But I will say to go to their site and check out all the rest of them. There are some other really gorgeous images there.

No what do I think about this? Just from these concepts, this game looks like it won’t disappoint fans of the game. I know there are a lot of people that don’t want this third to be made, but come on. Can you really say that after seeing the art as well as the god run of Blizzard’s other games. I say, lets not judge it until it is actually out there for us to judge. I’m betting you will all be pleasantly surprised.

Check It Out
Diablo III Concept 1
Diablo III Concept 2
Diablo III Concept 3
Diablo III Concept 4
Diablo III Concept 5
Diablo III Concept 6

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